Our laser Scanning service is for clients that would like to extract their own information from the project point cloud. Modelling Architecture can complete the site inspection on behalf of the client, produce the scan data survey, process the registration in the office and deliver the point cloud data via a Dropbox link or a Hard copy. 

Many other Surveyors, Architects and developers use Modelling Architecture for their laser scanning needs on a regular basis. 

We can provide our laser scan data in a variety of formats to be imported into the specific software used by our clients. This flexibility makes Modelling Architecture a great choice should you need to outsource your onsite laser scanning. 

We can provided the data in Black and white, or in HDR colour should the project require this. Colour scan data can take longer on site to produce, and the files sizes can be larger, however the benefits of having the data in colour can not be overlooked on some projects. 

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