3D Laser Scanning

We provide 3D laser scanning surveys for a range of clients in and around London, therefore, we have the skills and expertise to face any project, no matter how large or complex. Laser scanning surveys allow you to capture detailed information on a property in a short space of time. 

Contact our team today to learn about how laser scanning can help you with your project:

Why Choose Modelling Architecture for Architectural Scanning?

We understand that each project has strict time schedules to adhere to, that’s why we aim to get your 3D laser scanning data over to you in a timely fashion. 

We can provide your architectural laser scanning information in a range of formats, and in black and white or colour.

This flexibility makes Modelling Architecture a great choice should you need to outsource your onsite
laser scanning.

The Benefits of Laser Scanning

Laser scans are highly accurate, making them a vital asset in the construction and architectural industries. In addition to this, building laser scanning is a fast process, and it allows you to capture a significant amount of information about a structure in a short amount of time. 3D laser scanning surveys and construction go hand-in-hand, as they eliminate guesswork and provide an accurate basis for architectural design and development. Laser scanning technology can also be used for:
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